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Marketing Mix and the Brand Reputation of Nokia Free Essays

string(87) separation and expanding the equivalent towards a particular item class is easier. Market Forces April 2008 Vol. 4 No. Advertising MIX BRAND RESEARCH MARKETING MIX AND THE BRAND REPUTATION OF NOKIA SYED EHTESHAM ALI College of Management Sciences PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology E-mail: s_ehtesham_ali@hotmail. We will compose a custom paper test on Advertising Mix and the Brand Reputation of Nokia or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now com Abstract Pakistan’s cell phone advertise is becoming exceptionally quick. The most selling brand in the market is Nokia. A theory was built up that the notoriety of a brand is a wellspring of interest and the seriously unrivaled quality picture legitimizes a top notch cost. In this overview we evaluated the explanations behind inclination of this brand dependent on built up boundaries of advertising blend (the 4 Ps). The target of this examination was to quantify the degree of inclination of these boundaries. For this reason a survey was created and controlled to 240 respondents. The other speculation that at any rate one of the indicator factors would have a direct relationship with the reliant variable brand notoriety was acknowledged. R? is 0. 53, which demonstrates that about 53% of the minor departure from the reliant variable is clarified by the indicator variable, which is fundamentally moderate. Among all the autonomous factors the slant for the item quality and advancement (promoting correspondence) were higher than the rest. Relapse coefficients for item quality and advancement (promoting correspondence) were 0. 95 and 0. 85 individually. This implies an expansion in one rating (on the size of five to one) of item quality and advancement (publicizing correspondence) would cause brand notoriety to increment by 0. 95 and 0. 85 rating separately. 1. 0. 0 OBJECTIVE: The goal of this investigation was to quantify how components of showcasing blend and their relationship influence the brand notoriety of Nokia cell phone. In spite of the fact that the advertising blend idea, for example, item, value, spot and advancement are significant in breaking down the promoting technique, the extent of the examination was fundamentally MARKET FORCES APRIL-2008 15 MARKETING MIX BRAND RESEARCH concentrated on one part of brand value I. e. brand notoriety, a definitive impression of the right mix of all showcasing blend. 1. 1. 0 LITERATURE SURVEY 1. 1. 0 Brand Branding has an antiquated history. It could be followed back to the occasions when the antiquated Egypt block producers used to stepped images on the blocks for recognizable proof and qualification purposes (Farghuhar 1990). Nilson (1998) then again found that antiquated ranchers used to put images on the dairy cattle with the assistance of hot iron, which implied consuming. The word brand has been gotten from the Scandinavian word â€Å"branna† that way to consume. In Swedish language the word â€Å"brand†, implies fire. Along these lines when a maker put a few imprints or images on their item it will come in the class of marking (Nilson 1998). One of the upsides of solid brand name is that its aides in infiltrating in another market or another market class. Globalization has made colossal brand mindfulness and this mindfulness isn't reliant on the accessibility of the items. Czinkota Ronkainen 2001). For instance in Pakistan, brands, for example, for example, McDonald, Pizza Hut and KFC had exceptionally solid mindfulness even before they opened their establishments in Pakistan. 1. 2. 0 Brand Equity Brand value is a connection among clients and brands bringing about a benefit to be acknow ledged sometime not too far off (Wood 2000). Kotler and Armstrong (1996) were of the sentiment that estimating brand value is a dreary activity. All things considered a ground-breaking brand implies high brand value that helps in accomplishing ‘higher brand unwaveringness, name mindfulness, saw quality, and solid brand associations’. A portion of the significant advantages of brand value are brand mindfulness and buyer unwaveringness which helps in decreasing advertising costs. Brand is a significant value; along these lines, it ought to be deliberately saved by embracing methodologies that would help in keeping up or improving brand mindfulness, saw brand quality and positive affiliations. (Kotler Armstrong 1996) Ambler and Styles (1997) are of the supposition that brand value could be estimated from two points of view. One is â€Å"financial assessment approach† and the other is â€Å"consumer-based approach†. The budgetary assessment approach is identified with the money related estimation of the brand, and the buyer put together methodology centers with respect to the brand itself that is how much worth the shoppers provide for the brand. Brand value is likewise considered as a gathered benefit that could be acknowledged sometime not too far off. The brand value idea can likewise create turmoil, in view of trouble in estimating it (Ambler Styles 1997). MARKET FORCES APRIL-2008 16 MARKETING MIX BRAND RESEARCH Importance of brand value requests requirement for increasingly pragmatic experience and near exploration to pass judgment and approve the convenience of brand assessment techniques (Farquhar 1990). The ongoing merger and procurement pattern has likewise expanded the significance of estimating brand value (Tauber 1988). The job of brands is presently a long ways past item separation or going after piece of the overall industry. They are aggregated annuities which the firm can procure from its accounting report (Tauber 1998). Firms could have a solid serious edge over contenders in the event that they could make brand value ‘through building mindfulness, picture, and connecting associations’ (Keller 1998). A more grounded brand would consistently have a superior comprehension of requirements, needs, and inclinations of customers than the brands that are not serious. Hence more grounded brands would help in making compelling showcasing programs that could go past customer desires. (Keller 1998). Brand value since most recent multi decade has stayed famous for pulling in new market portions (Pitta Katsanis, 1995). This wonder of brand value has harmonized with the recently developed yet similarly well known marvel of brand expansion (Ambler Styles 1997). Exploration shows a two path connection between brand value and augmentation. A brand’s value could impact the accomplishment of augmentations, and expansions could emphatically impact brand’s value. The outcome is that profoundly esteemed brand expansions are increasingly effective. Shoppers will in general pick those brands that have solid brand value. This makes solid brand dependability, and would make it hard for the clients to change to the contenders. Brand position of a firm is unequivocally subject to the positive picture of brands. Solid brands are a significant wellspring of separation and expanding the equivalent towards a particular item class is simpler. You read Promoting Mix and the Brand Reputation of Nokia in class Papers Successful brand permits firms to request significant expenses and are a wellspring of obstruction which makes it hard for buyers to change to different brands (Pitta Katsanis 1995. 1. 3. 0 BRAND REPUTATION: According to Aaker (1991, 1996) and Kapferer (1997) the two organizations and customers are attentive over the brand notoriety of what they sell or purchase. Each brand speaks to particular qualities, makes an unmistakable profile in the br ains of the clients in regard to a big motivator for it. For instance in refreshment industry Coca-cola represents â€Å"refreshing† and in vehicle industry Volvo brand is seen for â€Å"safety and comfort†. Correspondingly in the portable business Sony Ericsson is ready as â€Å"music and entertainment† and so forth. Globalization and trend setting innovation have made the market increasingly serious, in this way firms, presently, are more brand touchy. They have seen that the purchaser inclinations have become homogenous as a result of globalization and the spread of innovation. In this way, both the merchants MARKET FORCES APRIL-2008 17 MARKETING MIX BRAND RESEARCH and purchasers are focusing on the brand notoriety as far as what they are purchasing and selling. A shopper during his lifetime experiences a progression of regularly changing conditions and circumstances. Subsequently his image inclination shifts with his evolving needs. The brand characteristics or highlights must fit to consumers’ need to keep up a continuous lasting relationship with the brand. The shoppers need to have a trust in their favored brands for kept contribution of the ideal advantages. As per Browne (1998), if organizations neglect to guarantee a dependable, stable brand notoriety, the brand’s development and piece of the overall industry will be influenced. Along these lines a brand notoriety is the picture of predominant quality and included worth, which legitimize a superior cost. A trustworthy brand is a solid resource, which profits by a serious extent of unwaveringness and solidness for future deals (Kapferer 1997). Extreme objectives of exceptionally presumed brands ought to be to reinforce their picture. Low selling brands with low notoriety should concentrate on fitting their advertising blend and fixing the general picture issue (Baldinger Rubinson 1996). Firms managing versatile handset are likewise worried about the notoriety of their brands, and how this would influence their global piece of the pie. Rivalry among the versatile organizations has constrained them to make a brand notoriety in customers’ minds. The cell phone industry is involved generally multinationals and has money related favorable circumstances in their cost structure. This preferred position isn't accessible to their simply local partners (Kapferer, 1997). Brand notoriety in the cell phone industry is getting urgent for consumers’ buying practices. Worldly and Lee (2001) contend that amazing brands are the ones that are based on notoriety and this won't change, yet would acquire significance later on. Up Shaw (1995), concurs and guarantees that marking is the specialty of trust creation and in this manner it is basic for organizations to fabricate a legitimate personality so as to keep up

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Is Export oriented industrialization indispensable for economic growth

Is Export arranged industrialization vital for monetary development Presentation One of the key markers, of monetary improvement of a nation, is its degree of industrialization. That is, the same number of exact examinations demonstrated the primary explanation behind expanded dissimilarity in expectations for everyday comforts between the propelled nations and the creating nations is their degree of industrialization. This being the reality, it is simply after decolonization and end of world War II that, creating nations deliberately embraced industrialization techniques for financial advancement purposes and as an answer, from their defenseless reliance on fare of hardly any essential items and import of high esteemed fabricated merchandise (Brisbane, 1980). The low terms of exchange universal market for essential products from previous provinces and the assurance to escape serious destitution and register continued development, were the principle purposes behind the expansion of the restricted structure of the pilgrim economy. Industrialization is valuable for creating nations for some, reasons including the accompanying (I) it decreases their defenseless reliance; (ii) it accelerates their monetary development process; (iii) it modernize the economy through overflow or externalities impacts related with industrialization, from cutting edge nations; (iv) make greater work for the immense populace in rustic agrarian area and quicken pay development which is utilized as a way to re-convey salary to the ruined masses; and (v) produce progressively remote money through fare which lessens equalization of installment issues (Brisbane, 1980). As Brisbane clarified, to industrialize, creating nations embraced import replacement procedures from around 1945 to the 1970s. Import replacement technique is intended to create scarcely any extravagance buyer merchandise for local utilization behind an extremely high levy divider. In any case, most nations which followed the import replacement system fizzled, to meet the objective of industrialization, while breathtaking development and advancement was accounted for from creating nations that sought after a fare arranged technique, during the 1970s. Characterized just, send out arranged Industrialization (EOI) frequently named as fare drove industrialization (ELI) is an approach intended to accelerate the industrialization procedure of a nation through trading merchandise for which the country has a similar preferred position. This strategy expects nations to open up their household market to outside rivalry consequently to gaining admittance to universal market. So as to advance EOI and at last financial turn of events, reciprocal approaches according to duties, exchange, conversion scale, and others should be embraced and utilized. This paper will fundamentally inspect how fare arranged industrialization is basic for monetary development in creating nations, on the off chance that it tends to be upheld up by proper approaches on exchange, mechanical strategy and swapping scale strategy, designed for that reason. The paper additionally contends that fare arranged industrialization has its own downsides. Subsequently, the article is organized as follows: In segment 2, It the paper examinations the essentialness of approaches on the working of EOI, especially: exchange strategy, mechanical arrangement and conversion scale strategy that creating nations need to embrace and distinguishes regions where government mediation is expected to bring monetary turn of events. It at that point clarifies the downsides of fare situated industrialization, on trade reliance nations, in Section 3. At that point area 4, experimentally inspects how EOI adds to financial turn of events and the ends are introduced in segment 5. 2. Hugeness of Policies on EOI The job of corresponding approaches for adequacy of fare situated industrialization is irrefutable. This paper centers essentially around how exchange, modern and conversion scale strategies can bolster EOI strategy. 2.1 Trade strategy: Suitable exchange strategy is one of the key apparatuses utilized for viable of fare arranged industrialization and for monetary turn of events, all in all. That is, the better exchange strategy a nation has, the better possibility it has for mechanical broadening, making esteem included items and getting more salary from send out. Hypothetical setting: Regardless of whether, there has been little accord on the connection among exchange and short-to medium - term financial development and even less on its job in long haul monetary turn of events. The standard of similar bit of leeway, which recommend nations to practice with respect to their factor blessing, first portrayed by David Ricardo, frames the hypothetical reason for conventional exchange hypothesis and gives the method of reasoning to organized commerce. The standard expresses that regardless of whether a nation created all merchandise more efficiently than different nations, it would profit by having some expertise in the fare of its moderately least expensive great (or the positive qualities where it has a relative advantage)(Murray Gibbs 2007, p. 10). What's more, some traditional financial specialists accepted that the chief base for this standard is the distinction in factor enrichments among nations decide the overall expense of creation. Be that as it may, this conventional hypothesis from traditional business analysts has been tested as it doesnt clarify well the genuine exchange designs and as the hypothesis has unreasonable presumptions, similar to consummate rivalry, full work and so forth (Murray Gibbs 2007). Notwithstanding the unreasonable suspicions, in genuine circumstances the hypothesis favors propelled nations, and creating nations scarcely advantage anything from it. The dubious Singer Prebisch proposition, likewise clarified this circumstance by expressing that the middle gets all the advantages of universal exchange while the outskirts gets nothing, which restricts to the Ricardian Theory of Comparative Advantage. He contended: given the distinctions in the current financial, beneficial and work showcase structures between the fringe and the middle (in the use of innovation in exchanged products and in the market structures; oligopoly versus serious) less-created nations can't profit by universal marke t, in the event that they embrace near favorable position principle (Todaro and Smith 2009).This is on the grounds that creating nations typically produce and fare essential items which have lower terms of exchange. What's more, the degree for expansion is excessively tight, and these conditions put creating nations to have defenseless reliance on worldwide market. Accordingly, in contrast to the old style financial specialists static similar favorable position principle, dynamic relative bit of leeway is a superior alternative for creating nations. This is on the grounds that as more advancement, innovation, capital, and different prerequisites for industrializations are met and as industrialization occurs in creating nations, it will be simpler to enhance their financial structure, as made merchandise have preferred terms of exchange over essential items. Skarstein (2007) in his paper Free Trade: A Dead End for Underdeveloped Economies,criticized the similar favorable position principle. He contended, what makes a difference most in global exchange is the total favorable position that nations receive in return than a similar preferred position. Also, observational confirmations show that the conventions of similar preferred position and organized commerce advantage the propelled nations as it were. This is chiefly in light of the fact that the conventions are probably going to prohibit worldwide learning among nations. Especially, the WTO understanding, Trade related protected innovation rights (TRIPS), which is a major test creating nations to procure innovation, expertise and universal gaining from the remainder of the world. He additionally contended, for an exchange strategy to work viably, creating nations need to ensure that, this arrangement is all around incorporated with their mechanical approach. Also, notwithstanding these, creating nations need to get support from cutting edge nations, through decreased import levies for merchandise from creating nations and by allowing creating nations to secure their enterprises and to get simple access to worldwide market. He likewise focused on that, creating nations need to guarantee that food security is kept up in their nations, as it protects them from their remote record, equalization of installment issues too. Along these lines, legislatures of creating nations need to secure farming creation for utilization. Along these lines, while planning arrangements, creating nations need to think about the dynamic relative favorable position or outright bit of leeway choices. What's more, they additionally need to consider how their monetary joining to the world economy ought to be on the side of EOI. 2.2 Industrial approach: An appropriate mechanical approach is likewise another significant apparatus for powerful fare situated industrialization, as a countrys industrialization relies upon how singular local firms are ensured. This is on the grounds that, it is singular firms that advance and outfit innovative change and contend on the planet advertise (Suranovic, 2002). The fundamental approach part of modern arrangement for creating nations is Infant industry assurance. It is a vital condition, in light of the fact that recently rising firms in creating nations need some approach to assist them with becoming solid and to protect them from interruption of remote firms in their market, that negatively affect their development. Newborn child businesses in creating nations can essentially be ensured through import duty instrument, which decrease imports from the remainder of the world and raises request and creation of local item. This assurance empowers the residential firms to take care of their higher creation costs and to stay in business. Contingent upon the idea of the firm, newborn child industry assurance system will assist the household firms with producing productively and to be equipped in global markets. Be that as it may, so as to utilize the newborn child industry assurance strategy as a device for send out arranged industrialization, administration of creating nations need to have dependable data about what industry to secure, how

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Biological Rights Essay -- essays research papers

Organic Rights What is a parent? A parent is somebody who will love and sustain a youngster, and help shape it into as well as can be expected be. At any rate that is the thing that society might want to accept. In the event that somebody embraces a youngster, does that make the person in question any to a lesser extent a parent? Is it impractical that they will adore that youngster all the more then its natural parent could? Tragically, when selection is last some organic guardians attempt to battle for their youngster back. This can just carry disarray into the child’s life period. Tearing a kid away from the guardians it knows, is a remorseless, undesirable and indecent act. Each state has their own arrangement of laws concerning selection. The one section that each state shifts the most is the â€Å"Waiting Period†. The â€Å"Waiting Period† starts when the two arrangements of guardians sign papers meaning the start of the selection. â€Å"Typically, the holding up period closes a half year after the youngster is set in the home. The transitory announcement is supplanted by a last one. The most significant component of this declaration is that it is conclusive. The natural guardians currently have no lawful relationship to the child.†{Bolles 94} Some organic guardians, in any case, simply don't get that. They battle to recover their youngster, that they so energetically surrendered. They don’t care about the sentiments of the youngster, just their own needs that they want to fulfill. â€Å"Children are contrasted with property rather then a person†.{Bolles 36} These kids, who live with the new parents, who are presentl y in ...

Application 5.1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Application 5.1 - Assignment Example With an estimated level of 85, the Northern and Southern American based sellers encourage the business utilizing the made system (Cummings, Thomas and Worley 100). The organization has extended its activities by getting a few retail outlets situated in Berlin, New York, London, Hamburg, Munich and New Jersey. The show bank program is the fundamental company’s system that fuses the utilization of neighborhood and worldwide based vendors to convey their items. It permits neighborhood and worldwide specialists who have hit their imprint in their callings to survey various pianos in the outlets and pick one that best suits their necessities. With the show banks loaded with in excess of 300 pianos situated in excess of 160 unique urban areas, the organization significantly profits by its commitment with these fruitful craftsmen (Cummings, Thomas and Worley 101). It can showcase a portion of its brands utilizing the name of the entertainer who is freely known. Various masterful abilities are combined so as to think of a fantastic Steinway show piano. Various strategies have been detailed anyway the procedure has kept up is essential beginning procedures since they have consistently delivered perceptible outcomes. In excess of 12000 pieces of the excellent piano must be handmade before they are flawlessly fit to one another to finish the entire riddle. The uniqueness of these pieces emerge from the various sorts of tones, sound and contact joined in every one of the pieces (Cummings, Thomas and Worley 101). Various exercises are fused during the creation of the piano, for example, wood drying, parts-production lastly the piano-production tasks. Before the piano is set to be shown and sold, the producers experience a last stage which is tone guideline. They are tuned to voice the Steinway sound as an exceptional type of character (Cummings, Thomas and Worley 101). Steinway has demonstrated its prevalence in the fabulous piano market by securing amazing business sector

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Effects of The Pleistocene Epoch on Colorado Essay -- Glaciers Nature

Impacts of The Pleistocene Epoch on Colorado Presentation Icy masses are an indispensable piece of the world’s atmosphere. Actually, as Richard Armstrong of the University of Colorado says, â€Å"Glaciers are key markers in checking and recognizing atmosphere change† (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, 2003, p. 1). In addition to the fact that they are a significant piece of observing current atmosphere, they can hold numerous keys to the past. Icy masses are truth be told, â€Å"a wellspring of paleoclimate data†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Meier and Dyurgerov, 1980, p. 37). This paleoclimate information can give geologists data on the conditions that were available at the hour of the icy masses birth, just as the surmised age. This has a significant job in the geologic time size of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. These Glaciers assumed a job in the cutting of the current day Rocky Mountains in Colorado, which will be the essential focal point of this paper. Furthermore, cold arrangements will be talked about to give the peruser foundation data an d the eventual fate of the Glaciers in Colorado will close this paper. Icy mass FORMATION AND TYPES A decent depiction of an ice sheet is given by Jim Wickwire in his book â€Å"Addicted to Danger.† In it he says, â€Å"A icy mass is anything but a fixed, strong thing. It streams like a waterway, with ebbs and flows, a few sections smooth, others rough† (Wickwire, 1998, p. 1). This happens to oblige Webster’s definition, in that an icy mass must be moving, either in light of gravity or on the grounds that it’s spreading out underneath itself because of extra collections. (Meeriam-Webster, 2000, p. 493). Ice sheets can be characterized into numerous classes. First they are separated into either Alpine or Continental. Snow capped icy masses are those that are found in hilly areas and Continental, for example, Greenland,... ...K.W. Watchman: Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, Denver, CO, p. 165-173. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (tenth Ed): 2000, Merriam-Webster, Incorporated, Springfield, Massachusetts, p 493. Plummer, C.C., McGeary, D., and Carlson, D.H., 2003, Physical geography (tenth Ed.): McGraw-Hill, Boston, 580 p. Ã…Å"ibrava, V., Bowmen, D.Q., and Richmond, G.M, 1986, Quaternary glaciations in the northern side of the equator; report of the International Geological Correlation Program, Project 24 (International Union of Geological Sciences and UNESCO): Pergamon Press, Oxford, New York, 514 p. College of Colorado, Boulder, August 11, 2003, NASA finances Colorado University at Boulder investigation of changes in Earth’s ice sheet frameworks in Ascribe Science News Service: pNa, p 1. Wickwire, J., and Bullitt, D., 1998, Addicted to peril: Pocket Books, New York, 332 p.

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The Hollywood Life A Reading List

The Hollywood Life A Reading List This round of the  Riot Recommendation is sponsored by  Actors Anonymous  by James Franco. The actors in James Franco’s brilliant debut novel include a McDonald’s drive-thru operator who spends his shift trying on accents; an ex-child star recalling a massive beachside bacchanal; hospital volunteers and Midwestern transplants; a vampire flick starlet who discovers a cryptic book written by a famous actor gone AWOL; and the ghost of River Phoenix. Then there’s Franco himself, who prowls backstage, peering out between the lines-before taking the stage with fascinating meditations on his art, along with nightmarish tales of excess. “Hollywood has always been a private club,” he writes. “I open the gates. I say welcome. I say,  Look inside.” Told in a dizzying array of styles-from lyric essays and disarming testimonials to hilariously rambling text messages and ghostly footnotes-and loosely modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous’s  Twelve  Steps  and  Twelve Traditions,Actors Anonymous  is an intense, wild ride into the dark heart of celebrity. _________________________ Readers have been fascinated by celebrity since long before TMZ was a glimmer in Harvey Levin’s eye. Hollywoodâ€"the glamor, the scandals, the scads of beautiful peopleâ€"captures the imagination and just begs to be the backdrop for all kinds of stories. In this Riot Rec, we asked you to share your favorite novels about Hollywood and celebrity. You came up with quite a list! _________________________ Fiction The Day of the Locust by Nathaniel West The Love Song of Jonny Valentine  by Teddy Wayne The Next Best Thing  by Jennifer Weiner Beautiful Ruins  by Jess Walter Valley of the Dolls   by Jacqueline Susann The Last Tycoon  by F. Scott Fitzgerald The Player  by Michael Tolkin Hollywood  by Charles Bukowski Until I Find You  by John Irving The Loved One  by Evelyn Waugh Postcards from the Edge  by Carrie Fisher Laura Lamonts Life in Pictures  by Emma Straub Hollywood Wives  by Jackie Collins Drama Tales From Hollywood   by Christopher Hampton Sweet Bird of Youth  by Tennessee Williams Nonfiction   Hollywood Animal and  The Devils Guide to Hollywood  by Joe Eszterhas The Kid Stays In The Picture by Robert Evans Youll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again by Julia Phillips Bring on the Empty Horses  and  The Moons a Balloon    by David Niven Kay Thompson: From Funny Face to Eloise  by Sam Irvin Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford The Kid Stays in the Picture  by Robert Evans __________________________ Sign up for our newsletter  to have the best of Book Riot delivered straight to your inbox every week. No spam. We promise. To keep up with Book Riot on a daily basis,  follow us on Twitter,  like us  on Facebook,  and subscribe to the Book Riot podcast in  iTunes  or via  RSS.  So much bookish goodnessâ€"all day, every day.

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The Best Way to Save for College Live Qa Event

In this Q&A event,'s Brian Boswell and Putnam Investment's Judy Minsk answer all your biggest questions about saving and paying for college. View the recording below to learn more about tuition costs, how to set realistic savings goals and the benefits of 529 plans. Have a question that wasn't covered during the event? Check out the Forum, where parents, grandparents and financial professionals share ideas and strategies for college financing. In this Q&A event,'s Brian Boswell and Putnam Investment's Judy Minsk answer all your biggest questions about saving and paying for college. View the recording below to learn more about tuition costs, how to set realistic savings goals and the benefits of 529 plans. Have a question that wasn't covered during the event? Check out the Forum, where parents, grandparents and financial professionals share ideas and strategies for college financing.